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Manchester Pubs - The Stories Behind The Doors - City Centre. Andrew Simpson & Peter Topping

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49 pubs & bars, 6 walks, over 450 colour and black & white pictures, old maps, new maps and illustrations.

Part three in the series, this book gives an insight into "The Stories Behind the Doors" of Didsbury’s pubs and bars.

     Here we have a fascinating mix of the old and new pubs and bars, which in their way reflect the history of this part of south Manchester.

     People have been asking when we would write a book about the pubs of Didsbury ever since we launched the City Centre edition in 2016. We went on to write about Chorlton pubs next, because we live there and thought it was rude not to, and now after a good deal of research here we are with the book about Didsbury pubs.

This 314 page, full colour title, tells the tale of the area, its buildings and its people.

And like our other books, we have designed Didsbury pubs both as a story to be read in front of the fire, or as a series of walks taking the intrepid seeker to all things of interest across Didsbury, from north to south, east to west and back again.

ISBN 978 0 995705 56 2

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